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Education Programs


P.A.W.S education programs teach children the meaning of basic character values like compassion, responsibility and respect for others.


Classroom Programs

Each school year, our Humane Educators conduct approximately 300 one hour programs free of charge to elementary schools throughout Hancock County.


"PAWS [classroom] programs ... help my students learn to respect the environment and all living things because they see how we are all related and connected to the world around us. This understanding influences perspectives, character and the ability to appreciate how our attitudes and actions can impact the web of life. I believe PAWS creates many wonderful academic and character building opportunities that will be an enduring influence on my students."   Barbara McDaniel, Eden Elementary



P.A.W.S. provides a national award winning newspaper called KIND News to over 2,500 Hancock County elementary students every year. Each child receives his/her own copy of KIND News each month of the school year, September through May. KIND News helps teachers establish a classroom theme of kindness, respect and tolerance towards animals the environment and other people.


"KIND News reinforces positive character skills & meets several state standards."  Marla Lewis, Eastern Hancock Elementary

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