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PAWS relies on donations to support its rescue and low cost spay/neuter programs

PAWS Retail Store and Adoption Center Open
Thursdays 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Sundays 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
3141 W. U.S. Highway 40, Greenfield
[In the Schakel Center where you see the big turning bolt and nut sign]  See map below
PLEASE NOTE:  Because of zoning restrictions, our adoptable dogs do not live at the PAWS Center.  They are in foster homes.  If you want to meet a particular dog or dogs on Thursday or Sunday, you need to let us know in advance by e-mailing us at pawshancock@aol.com

Map of PAWS Center
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Highlighted Animals
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Malee [means "flower" in Thai] is probably a Siames/Snowshoe mix.  She has beautiful cornflower blue eyes and silver gray and white fur.  Malee is a very friendly girl who seeks out a lap to sit on and be petted.  Malee is spayed, mi...read more about Malee
If you enjoy a good laugh [or two, or three, or more] every day, Banjo may be the perfect companion for you and your family.  He has a very active, "in your face" personality.  Banjo loves to play and will make anything he finds his ne...read more about Banjo
Clancy is a cute little guy who weighs in at about 14 pounds.  He may be Jack Russell Terrier mixed with Pug.  He has a bit of a pug nose, an underbite, and a tuft of long, white hairs on top of his head that looks like a mohawk! ...read more about Clancy
Joy is a real beauty.  She has long, soft fur--mostly black with a patch of white on her chest.  She is a joy to have around.  She has a calm, quiet personality but still has enough kitten in her to enjoy playing with toys.  She...read more about Joy
Cute, cuddly, playful -- everything a kitten should be.  That's little Delaney.  One of our volunteers found her living under a bush at a local restaurant.  Delaney has a friendly, outgoing personality with a lot of spunk.Delaney's ado...read more about Delaney





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