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P.A.W.S. Low Cost Spay/Neuter Transport

The third Tuesday of every month we offer low cost spay/neuter at the Noblesville, Brownsburg, and Lafayette clinics. *there are exceptions in December 

Scheduled through the sign up link below

e-mail P.A.W.S with questions @ 

$10 transport fee if dropped off at the P.A.W.S. facility

What you will need to bring:

  • Clean, plastic pet carrier

  • Feral cats in a live trap

  • Proof of rabies vaccine 


0-25 pounds      $60 [male]     $65    [female * ]
26-50 pounds    $70 [male]     $80    [female * ]
51-75 pounds    $80 [male]     $90    [female * ]
76-100 pounds  $90 [male]     $100  [female * ]

Male neuter     $50  (no ear tip)
Female Spay   $55  (no ear tip)
* Additional fee if pregnant or in heat heat.

* Proof of rabies vaccine required at time of surgery or vaccine will be given.

Additional services available: 

Vaccinations for Dogs:

Full package (Rabies, 5-in-1 combo, Bordetella). $50

Mini package (Rabies, 5-in-1 combo) $35

Rabies 1 year $20

Rabies 3 year $25

5-in-1 [DA2LPPv] $20

Bordetella $20

Flu Vaccine $35

Lyme disuse vaccine $35

* 3-year rabies vaccine with package is an additional $5.

* Additonal $15-$50 fee if animal is 5 years or older, or if a female is pregnant or in heat

Vaccinations for Cats:

Full package (Rabies, 4-in-1 combo, FeLV) $50

Mini package (Rabies, 4-in-1 combo) $35

Rabies 1 year $20

Rabies 3 year $25

4-in-1 [FvRCP] $20

FeLv [Feline Leukemia] $20

* 3-year rabies vaccine with package is an additional $5

* Additional $15-$50 if pregnant or in heat

Outdoor package: $60

Feral Package: $50


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If you love animals, you'll find rewarding volunteer opportunities waiting for you at P.A.W.S. Your time and talents can be used in many different ways: education outreach, fostering, crafts, off-site adoptions, special events, and clerical/administrative work. We'd love to have you join our team!


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