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Who We Are

Partners for Animal Welfare Society, Inc.


P.A.W.S. is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation in Hancock County. Our programs are funded completely from donations, grants and fundraising events. With the exception of the cats at the PetSmart Adoption Center in Greenfield and our Cattery, all of our rescues are in foster homes.





Core Values

 Caring for the Animals & Our Community​

Nancy's Legacy

P.A.W.S Hancock County's beloved executive director Nancy Rubino passed away January 11, 2019. Nancy’s life was all about animals. She was involved with various humane societies for many years.  Nancy’s love for animals began at an early age and continued throughout her adulthood. She nurtured, rescued, and rehabilitated a variety of wildlife, including their own menagerie.

We are committed to continuing that legacy. If you would like to read more about that legacy and who Nancy was, click here. 

Key Leadership

Our key leaders spend countless volunteer hours helping keep P.A.W.S Hancock County operational. We thank them for their dedication and love for animals that goes beyond the walls of the animal shelter. 

Jason Taylor ∙ President

Paul Sahm ∙ Board Treasurer


Lisa Brown ∙ Secretary

Debbie Fry  Spay/Neuter Program Coordinator 

Michael McGuire II ∙ Fundraising Coordinator

​Carly Sloan ∙ Cat Program Lead

Jenn Taylor ∙ Dog Program Lead

Sarah Haag ∙ Rabbit/Small Mammal Program Lead

Sara Johnson ∙ Catnip Program Coordinator 

Jess Wilson  Board Member 

Tricia Miller ∙ Photographer

Brandon Haines ∙ PetSmart Lead 

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