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Adopting Hashbrown from P.A.W.S Hancock County

Hi, there! My name is Alie and my partner, Drew, and I adopted Hashbrown in

June 2022. During the Spring of 2022, we wanted to welcome a new bundle of joy into our little family. We already had one tabby cat, Junie B. Jones, who was adjusting to me

being the only cat in the house, and thought it was time to bring her home a new friend.

How We Found Hashbrown

Shortly after we decided to look for a new kitten, a family friend reached out stating that they have just rescued three kittens from a dumpster and needed to find them homes. The kittens were still being bottle-fed and would need to stay in foster care with a family friend for eight weeks. We are so grateful to Hashbrown’s foster family for all they did to ensure she and her litter were healthy and safe! As much as I wanted to take all three of the kittens, I was glad that they all went to loving homes. We still occasionally see Sausage, since he went to my partner’s brother.

Being able to see my family friend foster these kittens was inspiring and showed me how important it is for organizations like P.A.W.S. Hancock County, to have foster families for pets in their care. Since I was lucky enough to have a personal relationship with the foster family, I would often receive photo updates of how Hashbrown was doing. There was one time I was sent the photo to the left, and that was when we knew Hashbrown’s personality would be a perfect fit for our small family.

The Adoption Process

The P.A.W.S. Hancock County team was so helpful during the adoption process. They

provided us with all the necessary resources and information we would need to bring

Hashbrown home. They were able to answer all of the questions we had regarding the

adoption process and how to best introduce Hashbrown to Junie B. Jones. We still use the resource folder and PetSmart coupon booklet often. We cannot thank the P.A.W.S.

Hancock County team enough for all they have done for us and Hashbrown.

They worked with our schedules to coordinate the pick- up at PetSmart in Greenfield, IN. When we arrived the PetSmart, P.A.W.S. Hancock County and the foster family were so welcoming and provided us with toys, treats, and more. Seeing how much Hashbrown was loved before she came home, filled our hearts with so much joy. The picture to the right shows Drew with Hashbrown the moment we got in the car after picking her up. Since Hashbrown needed additional shots once we brought her home, P.A.W.S. Hancock County worked with our schedule and location to make vaccine appointments as convenient as possible.

Bringing Hashbrown Home

At first, Hashbrown and our other cat, Junie B. Jones, were not too sure about each other. But thanks to the tips from P.A.W.S. Hancock County, they became best friends within the first week! There is never a dull moment when Hashbrown is around. She likes to climb, run around the whole house, hang with her new sister (or annoy her), and live her best life!

Why We Love P.A.W.S. Hancock County

When P.A.W.S. Hancock County says they help animals and people, they mean it. The organization not only supported Hashbrown and the treatment she needed to be healthy but also made sure we had all the resources we needed to make her as happy as possible. They also continue to check in with us, three months later, to see how we and Hashbrown are doing and if there is anything we need from P.A.W.S. We have shared with all of our friends and family how great P.A.W.S. is and has been to us. We have suggested that they consider adopting from them when wanting to bring a new furry friend home.


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