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Bunnies Are Not Easter Presents

Bunnies are adorably fluffy and oh so popular at Easter time! This is the time of year when cute little kits are being born and make an awfully tempting gift idea. Before falling into temptation, make sure you know what you are going to need to be prepared for!

Bunnies aren’t a short time commitment. They can live around 10 or more years and require a lot of maintenance. They need a specific diet and care. Fresh food, water, hay and fruit/veggie options are a daily necessity as well as a clean and safe environment to live in. While bunnies can be litter box trained, there will still be daily cleaning done within their cage. Bunnies also appreciate a large, safe area to exercise and get their kicks out! 

Veterinary care is often with a specialty vet and is more costly than a regular vet. Make sure you are prepared with a vet that will provide care for rabbits as well as spay/neuter services.

If you are not ready to put forth the time and care necessary, you might want to stick to the chocolate kind or cute pictures with someone else’s bunnies! Or, better yet, donate to a local rescue!

If, after careful consideration, you decide that you are ready for the commitment of a bunny, please consider adopting from a local rescue—chances are there will be more available after the holiday passes and families decide that they cannot provide the necessary care. Most rescues depend on donations and adoption fees in order to save more lives!

To learn more about what it takes to care for a bunny, check out our website!



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