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November 2023 Volunteer Feature - Jenn Taylor

The Partners For Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) of Hancock County is successful because of our community members and volunteers, such as Jenn Taylor. For the November 2023 PAWS Volunteer Feature, Jenn shares a little about herself and why she supports PAWS.

Jenn has been one of the PAWS volunteers for a little over four years. She enjoys crafting, relaxing, and watching her youngest son play sports. Jenn and her husband of 19 years, Jason, have five children and six grandchildren.


PAWS asked Jenn about her volunteer experience with PAWS. Below are Jenn’s responses.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

Jenn has three dogs. The oldest is names Lyla and is a six year old Beagle mix. Her family also has a four year old Shepherd mix, Chance and a six-month old deaf, Husky/Akita mix.

Finish the sentence - “I realized I wanted to volunteer with PAWS when..."

“My husband signed up and voluntold me.”

PAWS is grateful that Jason encouraged Jenn to volunteer!

What have you gained from your volunteer experience with PAWS Hancock?

Jenn shared that she has learned a great deal through her experience with PAWS. Her unconditional love for dogs has only continued to grow deeper while creating a loving home and environment for the animals they have and support. Jenn’s experience has helped her develop the skill to train, love, and help an animal.

What are your favorite parts about volunteering, fostering, and supporting PAWS?

She enjoys being able to love, nurture, and bond with the foster animals in order to help the animals find happy homes. Being able to see the cohesiveness that brings people together that all love animals and want to help.

What annual PAWS event do you look forward to each year?

She looks forward to the Dog Pool Party that happens every August.

How would you respond if someone told you they were interested in volunteering with PAWS Hancock?

Jenn would share the PAWS Get Involved webpage (linked) so they can learn more about the opportunities as well as the Volunteer Interest form (linked). She would also let those interested know that the joy that comes with helping animals is one of the best feelings.

In your opinion, why is it important to have a community of volunteers to support PAWS?

Jenn shared the following with PAWS.

“It's important to have a community because everyone brings a different aspect to volunteering. You cannot succeed without every little piece being put together cohesively. Every part is important. The more people who bring joy to the organization the more we can help the animals.”

How would you define what it means to be a volunteer and animal foster?

Jenn shared that being a volunteer and animal foster means being strong-willed but soft hearted. It is important to have a good understanding that most times we do not know much of the history of the animal. So volunteers and animal fosters are willing to accept that the animal(s) may need a soft touch or a stern being. At the end of the day, it’s about having a love for the animals are being helped.


To learn more about how you can support Partners For Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) of Hancock County, visit and/or email All animals under the care of PAWS, except for the cats in PetSmart, are in foster homes. We are able to positively impact the lives of animals and people through the love and care of our fosters & volunteers. PAWS is thankful for volunteers and animal fosters like Jenn!


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